I would love you be a guest on the The JourneyUP podcast

The JourneyUP is a podcast exploring business success stories and lessons learned by CEOs in the Staffing Industry. I used to run my own Staffing business in London and understand the highs and the lows of being a CEO. Now I run a recruitment software business called TrackerRMS out of San Diego.

In the podcast I discuss the stories & trials of some of the leading CEO’s in the recruitment and staffing space. In this series of The JourneyUP, the interviews are real and honest. We dive deep into the guests stories and backgrounds to see how the guest ended up where they are today, the challenges they faced and their tips & advice for anyone aspiring to do the same, whether they want to start a business, or need help scaling their own



Where to find the podcast

The JourneyUP podcast is available on Itunes, Tune In, Spotify & Stitcher. Click on the link below to listen to a show and hear what it’s all about.

What does the content look like

It’s been enlightening and humbling for me to discuss so many different paths to success with great people and I really appreciate them sharing their stories with me.

All images and content are designed to ensure guests are put forward in the most professional way to showcase their talents.

The podcast style is casual & interview based and always presented to showcase the guest in the best possible light. Guests always give the final approval once they have reviewed all the content which typically includes the podcast, blog and social media images.

Questions are sent in advance and we have a pre podcast call to go over those questions and what the episode running order looks like so there are no surprises.

this is the the type of post we would share on social media

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“Social Quotes”

Every guest has a story to tell and we love to use some of their quotes on social media to highlight the guests

Although most of The JourneyUP podcasts are audio only, when possible its great to do them live and on camera. Each podcast will also have a social media teaser from the show. The show is then promoted on my business and personal social channels and hopefully yours also to extend the reach. During the podcast, we showcast a third party vendor from the staffing industry who also promote it further.

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